About the Value Investing India Report:

I launched the Value Investing India Report in 2012 to help Indian investors identify the best stocks to buy to compound your wealth over time. Our service is focused on self-directed investors who are tired of the poor returns they’ve obtained via traditional PMS firms, brokerage houses and poorly performing financial newsletters. Finding good investment ideas is hard. If you’ve been scanning websites and blogs to find good investment ideas, you’ll know that most of the free recommendations you get are worth exactly what you pay for them, nothing.

If you’ve been relying on free ideas for your portfolio, it’s likely that your results have been hit or miss. At times you may find something of value but it’s rarely worth the time and effort of trolling through website after website to find great ideas. The Value Investing India Report scours the Indian market to provide you with an investment recommendation that is both a high quality company but trading at a discount to intrinsic value. We save you time and effort by following a systematized approach to value investing to bring you consistently high quality investing ideas.

What Makes Me Qualified to Give You Stock Recommendations?

About: Ankur Shah

My Dad, who was an MD, introduced me to stocks at an early age. I think at times he was more interested in his portfolio than his practice. His enthusiasm for the market eventually rubbed off on me. I also grew up during the 80s, the golden era of Wall Street. Long before everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur and launch the next big start-up, my generation wanted to be “Masters of the Universe”.

I began my career in finance in earnest after graduating from Harvard Business School and joined a bulge bracket investment bank covering the technology sector. Although I enjoyed the work, I quickly got tired of the fire drills, bake-offs and face time. If you don’t know what those terms mean, ask any of your friends who are in investment banking and still “living the dream”.

I wanted to be an investor. I wanted more upside and thought I had the skill and talent to be successful.

Ever since my first stock purchase back in high school, I’ve been hooked on investing. In case you’re curious the first stock I ever bought was Tsingtao Brewery. Why did I buy it and did I make money? You’ll get the answers to both questions, if you sign up for my e-mail distribution list below. It’s a long story but it’s definitely entertaining and contains a powerful lesson on the power of compounding.

From Investment Banking to the Buyside and Beyond

In 2005, I jointed a start-up asset management firm with a global equity mandate in San Francisco, California. By the end of my tenure we were managing USD 1 billion and I was a Senior Analyst actively managing a global equity sub-portfolio of Asian equities, including Indian stocks.

I left the firm in 2010 and joined an emerging markets investment bank in Dubai as a Director of Equity Research and was tasked with building out an equity research team to cover the financial sector in the MENA (Middle East / North Africa) region. Prior to launching the Value Investing India Report, I was managing a team of 6 analysts and had active coverage on a variety of financial institutions across the Middle East.

I decided to launch the Value Investing India Report after producing exceptional results in my personal portfolio. I knew it was time to move on after I was making more in a year from my portfolio than my full-time job.

Over time and due to my varied experience, I’ve developed a unique ability to interpret broad macroeconomic data, spot trends early and then identify actionable investment ideas that will produce long-term returns.

Good Investment Ideas Are Rare, So Why Do You Share Your Ideas?

Many people wonder why a talented stock picker or wealthy person would want to write an investment newsletter. It’s actually a valid point. The majority of stock investment newsletters are not worth the paper their printed on. Now that most are published electronically, they’re not even worth their publishing costs, which is exactly zero.

One of the main reasons why I publish the Value Investing India Report is I like to write. If you’ve ever seen my Linkedin or Twitter profiles, I always list my occupation as an Investor and Author. Writing helps me to clarify my ideas and investment analysis. There is no better way in my opinion to become a more rational and clearheaded thinker than through writing.

By running a financial newsletter you can make money by both investing in an idea and selling an idea. In fact, I own every recommendation that I make in the Value Investing India Report in my personal portfolio. The beauty of investing in public markets is that you’re dealing with the largest and highest quality businesses. Unless you’re a billionaire or dealing with micro-cap stocks, sharing new investment ideas doesn’t limit your ability to enter into new positions. In fact, many famous hedge fund managers share their best ideas at annual conferences because they know it will help bring attention to a stock that has been overlooked by other investors.

I currently haven’t had any issues making sure my subscribers benefit from my recommendations. However, I will ultimately cap the number of subscribers. At times I recommend small cap and mid cap stocks that are relatively illiquid. So far, my subscribers haven’t had any issues with entering new positions after they’re published.

But you should be aware that I will first start limiting subscriber growth by raising the annual subscription cost and then eventually close out the site to new members. An additional benefit of signing up now is that your annual subscription will always remain the same, even if I raise prices later on (and I will).

We also require strict confidentiality from our subscribers and don’t allow the redistribution or sharing of our high quality stock recommendations. Like all great value investments, a subscription to Premium Access won’t stay undervalued for long.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Premium Access service, you can add your name to our e-mail list below. By signing up you’ll also get access to our library of free reports. You’ll see first hand the high quality of our research and analysis. I guarantee you’ll at a minimum become a better value investor by receiving an exclusive overview of my entire investment process from screening for new ideas to when to sell. You literally have zero risk and a large potential gain. That’s the very definition of a great investment.

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