The Biggest Untapped Opportunity in the World: An Interview with Rahul Saraogi

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Top Indian value investor Rahul Saraogi, recently published his book titled Investing in India: A Value Investor’s Guide to the Biggest Untapped Opportunity in the World. In his day job, Rahul runs Atyant Capital Advisors an India focused value fund. In the book, Rahul discusses why the Indian market is awash in amazing investment opportunities. However, he warns investors both foreign and domestic that you need to have an understanding of both the history and culture of India if you want to be successful. In the following video, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the book and gain some fresh insights from one of India’s most perceptive value investors.

You can buy the book directly at Wiley’s website. I’ve read the first chapter and can’t wait to read the remainder of the book. To get your own copy click here.

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