My Recent Interview with the Team from Mauldin Economics

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In addition to publishing the Value Investing India Report, I’m also a contributing editor to the World Money Analyst (WMA) a Mauldin Economics publication. Before I launched the Value Investing India Report, I worked as an equity research analyst for a global long/short equity fund primarily covering Asia. As a result, I cover South East Asia for WMA. By covering companies in multiple countries, I feel that I have a definite advantage over other analysts who simply focus on India. The world has become so interconnected in terms of trade that you really need to have a global perspective.

I was recently interviewed by Kevin Brekke, the Managing Editor of World of Money Analyst. We discussed a number of topics ranging from my current view on emerging markets to how I evaluate companies. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

If you’re interested in reading more about the impact that ‘tapering’ will have on the Indian market, you can read a recent post I published titled Ignore the ‘Taper Tantrum’.

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