The Value Investing India Report - Premium Access

The goal of the Value Investing India Report – Premium Access is to identify companies in the Indian stock market with established competitive advantages, generous free cash flow and trading at a discount to intrinsic value. Our investment process is completely transparent, totally accountable, and easy to implement in your own portfolio.

If you’re looking for a market timing service, the Value Investing India Report is not for you. We solely focus on finding undervalued stocks that can be held for an extended period of time. We focus on companies that have “wide moats”. Historically, moats were built around Medieval castles as a defense against attackers. In the Indian economy, companies are constantly besieged by new competition. Companies with “wide moats” can keep competition at bay, while generating strong positive returns for their shareholders.

We construct the VIIR model portfolio with only one clear goal: to outperform the broad Indian stock index benchmarks on a rolling thee-year basis.

By subscribing to the Value Investing India Report – Premium Access product, you’ll receive specific recommendations along with detailed analysis on how to position your portfolio to not only protect but also grow your wealth. By subscribing you’ll gain exclusive access to analysis and recommendations that will allow you to:

  • #1 – Understand key global and Indian market trends and how to position your portfolio.
  • #2 – Build a portfolio that outperforms the broader market.
  • #3 – Avoid investing in the next Satyam based on our detailed fundamental analysis of all investment recommendations.
  • #4 – Protect your portfolio by letting us identify the investments that have the most upside potential with limited downside risk.
  • #5 – Simplify your investing decisions by following our asset allocation strategy.
Each Premium Access report will be published on the first day of the month and hands you the following:

  • A New Investment Recommendation: After scouring the Indian market for undervalued investments, we will provide you with one investment idea that has the best combination of profit potential and limited downside risk. For all equity investments you’ll get a comprehensive research report including an estimate of intrinsic value and a buy-below price.
  • Our Latest Macroeconomic Outlook: Following the 2008 financial crisis, equity markets have been increasingly driven by global macroeconomic factors. We will provide you with our latest views on developing trends in global markets and their potential impact on the Indian market.
  • A Full Asset allocation Strategy: We’ll provide an overall asset allocation plan to protect your portfolio in all market environments.
Plus, as a subscriber, you’ll also receive:
  • All Historical Recommendations: Every stock recommendation we publish is archived on our site. By reviewing our historical stock picks, you’ll have a better understanding of our investment philosophy and will have more confidence when following our recommendations in the future.
  • Unlimited Access to Our Password Protected Site: You will get full access to our members forum, where you can discuss potential investment ideas with other top-notch value oriented investors.

Having the right guide in the current market environment has never been so important. Although the future holds a great deal of uncertainty by focusing on undervalued investments, we minimize downside risk while maximizing upside potential. Given our focus on “wide moat” companies the Value Investing India Report (VIIR) model portfolio is poised to thrive in any economic climate.

  • Become a subscriber for only $250 per year.
  • By becoming a paid subscriber you’ll also gain full access to the website including special reports and the members forum for no charge. If you cancel within the first 60 days of your subscription, you’ll receive a full refund. After 60 days, you can cancel at any time and we’ll refund you the pro-rated balance of your annual subscription.
  • For $250 or less than (INR 15,000)* per year you’ll receive a full asset allocation strategy. To get the same asset allocation strategy from a Portfolio Management Services company would cost at least 1.5 lakhs per year excluding performance fees. You might be wondering how I got the 1.5 lakh number, so I’ll explain the math. First, SEBI has mandated a 25 lakh minimum investment to open a PMS account. Second, you will be charged a one-time fee of approximately 3% to open an account and an additional 3% per year for account management fees. Thus, you’ll be charged 6% on a minimum investment of 25 lakhs just to get an account open, which equals 1.5 lakhs. By spending a fraction of the cost you’ll receive better investment advice and have the flexibility to invest amounts that fit within your financial budget.

* Assumes a INR 59 / USD 1 exchange rate.

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Value Investing India Report
“I recently subscribed to your service and wanted to let you know that I’m truly amazed how much value that you provide for the subscription cost. I found your investment ideas to be clear, precise and well researched. You also have a great ability to simplify the complexities of the global markets and to explain how global trends impact the Indian stock market.”
Nishit S.
“Great Insight…Excellent Investment Recommendations…Informative Reading…Thanks.”
Hari V.
“Your site is a hotbed of interesting ideas and recommendations. So much stuff to read!”
Divakar R.
*Please note there is no pre-registration process for the paid subscription. By clicking on the subscribe link below you will be taken to the Paypal website for completion of the payment. Your username will be your e-mail and we will send you a password after completion of the transaction. If you have any questions about the subscription process, you can contact us via phone or e-mail.

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If you’re still not sure, you can view our July, 2012 launch issue for free! Simply register for the website by clicking on the pdf link below and you’ll be able to access our inaugural issue from the members home section of the website. You’ll see the high quality of research we undertake and more importantly that our subscribers have made money beginning with our first investment recommendation.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Value Investing India Report stands behind our products and our guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, with the monthly Retail subscription product, simply notify us within the first 60 days and you will receive a full refund.